About Us

LCS Coaches has been around for many years. The company started out as Cloquet Transit and it's history dates back 50 plus years. The original owner was Walter "Spec" Herbert. In 1974 after spending 17 years working for "Spec" as the manager, LeRoy Lane was given proprietorship. He incorporated the business in April of that year. Ellen Lane and son Jeff, the firms vice president assumed management of the operation in November 1980, after LeRoy passed away.

In October 1981 the company was granted an all-states operating license by the Interstate Commerce Commission. The license allows them to travel anywhere in the continental United States. In October of 1985 LCS Coaches was created, then in 1998 Traveler's Choice was also added to the business. Ellen Lane has since retired from the business, leaving her son's Jeff and Jack to handle the operations of the business.